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Dear Friend,

Welcome to the December 2009 issue of the Psychology Debunked newsletter!

Concluding our focus on ways we can improve our marriages, here is Commandment #10 of our "Ten Commandments of a Blessed Marriage:"

10. Above all, let love lead. Wrap everything in love, and your marriage will prosper. Let love motivate and permeate every thought, word and action. In the end, only love will matter; everything else will fade away and be forgotten.

1Cr 13:4   Love suffers long [and] is kind; love does not envy; love does not parade itself, is not puffed up;
1Cr 13:5   does not behave rudely, does not seek its own, is not provoked, thinks no evil;

1Cr 13:6   does not rejoice in iniquity, but rejoices in the truth; 

1Cr 13:7   bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things. 

1Cr 13:8   Love never fails. But whether [there are] prophecies, they will fail; whether [there are] tongues, they will cease; whether [there is] knowledge, it will vanish away. 


Eph 4:1   I, therefore, the prisoner of the Lord, beseech you to walk worthy of the calling with which you were called,

Eph 4:2   with all lowliness and gentleness, with longsuffering, bearing with one another in love, 

Eph 4:3   endeavoring to keep the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace. 

1Pe 4:8   And above all things have fervent love for one another, for "love will cover a multitude of sins." 

When we say, "I love you," biblically speaking we are saying, "I am patient with you, kind toward you, happy when you benefit, humble toward you, considerate of you, self-sacrificing, not easily angered at you, believing only the best about you, rejoicing in the good in your life, protective of you, faithful and hopeful for our future, and persevering through trial."

Many of us fail after the first two on the list. Perhaps that is why Paul later repeats this theme of bearing with one another: the degree of love present in the relationship can be measured by the amount of patience--literally "long-suffering"--that person shows the other. Most marriages fail because one or both partners are not willing to "suffer long"--they want the benefits of the resurrection life without the cross that comes with it. It is an honorable thing to suffer long with a spouse, and do it as unto the Lord with a kind and humble spirit.

By not reacting to your spouse's sins, this godly love effectively "covers over" or hides their sins, just as God's love and grace covers over ours. We may find that over time, we see those sins in our spouse less and less as he/she responds favorably to our godly and unconditional love.

This month, we take a holiday break and review the best news headlines and articles from 2009. We hope you enjoy the issue and time spent with family and friends this Christmas season.

In God's long-suffering love,

Lisa and Ryan Bazler

Lilly pays doctors $22M in Q1 2009 for promoting their drugs

Some priviledged doctors get to speak to their peers about Eli Lilly's psychiatric drugs. Normally this wouldn't be a problem, except that they present exactly what Lilly tells them to, and Lilly pays them thousands to do it. Remember that the next time your doctor recommends you use a psych drug.

"The following Tampa Bay area physicians were paid more than $15,000 by Eli Lilly & Co. in the first quarter of 2009. None of the doctors returned phone calls or e-mails seeking comment.
$54,400  Dr. Maria Carmen Wilson, Tampa    (Neurologist)
$31,000  Dr. Robert Levin, Dunedin  (Internal Medicine)
$30,775  Dr. Hardeep Singh, Tampa  (Psychiatrist)
$30,300  Dr. Eric Kaplan, Lutz     (Psychiatrist)
$22,637.50  Dr. Lucila Ramiro, Tampa  (Internal Medicine)
$20,400  Dr. Kenneth Pages, Tampa  (Psychiatrist)
$15,300  Dr. Brian Keefe, Tampa  (Psychiatrist)" 
more »

FDA approves more antipsychotic poisons for children

Completely ignoring the largest DoJ settlement in U.S. history--$1.4B against Eli Lilly for hiding lethal side effects of Zyprexa--the FDA has again sided with drug companies over consumers and put profits ahead of safety by recently approving the marketing of three more antipsychotics to treat children and adolescents with schizophrenia and bipolar. Zyprexa, Seroquel, and Geodon join Risperdal and Abilify as five of the most toxic medications used to "treat" children for these "diseases."

For the FDA, it doesn't matter that they know these antipsychotic drugs cause weight gain, type 2 diabetes, metabolic syndrome, hormonal and sexual malfunction, hyperglycemia, cardiovascular and liver abnormalities, and sudden death in adults. When half of the FDA's budget is paid by the drug companies themselves, safety takes a back seat to politics and power. After all, the benefits outweigh the risks for this age group, and sacrificing of the few is worth treating of the many, right?  more »

FDA: 2X risk of suicide with mood stabilizers / anti-epileptic drugs

The FDA has ordered a label update for all anti-epileptic drugs (aka "mood stabilizers") warning patients of an increased risk in suicidal thoughts or behaviors. Test data showed a 2X risk over placebo.  more »

FDA: ADHD Drugs Cause Hallucinations in Children

FDA researchers warn that ADHD drugs can cause hallucinations in children, including believing that worms, bugs and snakes are crawling on them, and running into walls that don't exist.  more »

ADHD drugs linked to sudden death

"Some parents believe new study reinforces link between stimulants, cardiac death" says this new ABC News report. "...those who died suddenly were 7.4 times more likely than not to have been taking the stimulant medications."  more »

Study: Increase in heart defects in newborns of moms taking antidepressants

A Denmark study has found that the risk of heart defects increases by 2-5 times when the mom takes an antidepressant just prior to, early in, pregnancy. Dr. Tracy comments on this New York Times article here.

Of course, GSK denies this finding related to their drug Paxil, even in the face of 600 cases filed against them for this very reason, the first resulting in a judgment against GSK:

"GlaxoSmithKline P.L.C. must pay $2.5 million to settle a claim that its Paxil antidepressant caused severe heart defects in a 3-year-old Bensalem boy, a Philadelphia common pleas jury ruled today.

"The verdict is the first in 600 cases alleging that London-based Glaxo knew Paxil caused birth defects and hid those risks to boost profits.

"The drug, approved for U.S. use in 1992, generated about $942 million in sales last year, 2.1 percent of Glaxo's total revenue." 
more » 

School shooter in Germany murders 15 before killing himself - antidepressants stopped

"[17-year-old Tiim] Kretschmer had been receiving psychological treatment for depression, but according to the police, he had recently abandoned his therapy." The world asks "Why?" but we know exactly why. Starting, stopping, or changing antidepressants puts you at very high risk of homicidal and suicidal thoughts and behavior, especially for children and teens who are still developing physically and mentally! How many more Columbines, Virginia Techs, and "Winnendens" do we need before people start listening?  more »

Virginia Tech shooter's missing medical records found... stashed in psychiatrist's home

When we heard that a student had mass-murdered 30 people on campus, we knew psychiatric drugs were involved, and so did the powers behind them--so much so, that Cho's medical records were mysteriously lost, until now.  more »

Chimp on Xanax Disfigures Owner's Face; Poodle on Prozac Attacks Former French President

Surely all the warnings about the extreme dangers of psychiatric drugs--including aggression and violent behavior--don't apply to animals... or do they?

A Stamford, CT woman gave her pet chimp the anti-anxiety drug Xanax, and is now in critical condition from the chimp's attack.  video »

Former French President Jacques Chirac was rushed to the hospital from wounds inflicted by his Prozac-popping poodle.  more »

Michael Jackson was on a lethal drug cocktail

"When Michael died he was on a lethal cocktail of drugs. The deadly mix included painkillers, anti-depressants, muscle relaxants and anti-anxiety pills. The full list of drugs he was on were Vicodin, Dialudid, Xanax, Soma, Prilosec, Paxil, Demerol and Zoloft."  more »

Should you get the Swine flu (H1N1) vaccination?

With the swine flu "pandemic" in full swing according to mainstream media, many readers have asked us about it, and the vaccines to treat it. We are not the experts in this area, but as a service to our readers, we have included links below to useful articles and web sites written by others who have nothing to gain except the satisfaction of benefitting their fellow man:

Natural News articles on swine flu - good overview

International site on swine flu - worldwide coverage with country-specific news

"Historical data shows vaccines are not what saved us." - excellent article with convincing arguments

Depression gene a psychological myth, says NIMH study

"One of the most celebrated findings in modern psychiatry — that a single gene helps determine one’s risk of depression in response to a divorce, a lost job or another serious reversal — has not held up to scientific scrutiny, researchers reported Tuesday."  more » 

Gay gene debunked by APA

"The attempt to prove that homosexuality is determined biologically has been dealt a knockout punch. An American Psychological Association publication includes an admission that there's no homosexual "gene" -- meaning it's not likely that homosexuals are born that way." Just like the Bible says, homosexuality is a moral issue, not a medical one.  more »

Still believe in the theory of chemical imbalances?

"There is one (rather large) problem with this theory: there is absolutely no evidence to support it. Recent reviews of the research have demonstrated no link between depression, or any other mental disorder, and an imbalance of chemicals in the brain (Lacasse & Leo, 2005; Valenstein, 1998).

"The ineffectiveness of antidepressant drugs when compared to placebo cast even more doubt on the “chemical imbalance” theory. (See my recent articles Placebos as effective as antidepressants and A closer look at the evidence for more on this.)

"Folks, at this point you might want to grab a cup of tea. It’s going to take a while to explain the history of this theory, why it is flawed, and how continues to persist in light of the complete lack of evidence to support it. I will try to be as concise as possible, but there’s a lot of material to cover and a lot of propaganda I need to disabuse you of." 
Get de-propagandized »

What is causing my mental disorder?

If mental disorders are not caused by chemical imbalances in the brain, then what causes them? We cover this subject in past newsletter issues, but in addition to spiritual causes, mental disorder symptoms frequently stem from nutritional or medical factors. This web site helps you identify the appropriate lab test to ask your doctor for, in order to find the true cause of your mental problem or medical disease.   more »

8 New Ways You Might Be Insane

How many more descriptions of human behavior can psychiatry add to their mental disorder bible before everyone in America is officially declared mentally ill and need of treatment? DSM authors aren't too far away from that goal: "Midnight snacker? Compulsive shopper? Bitter? The new edition of the mental health bible may classify you as having a psychological disorder."  more »

Support proven more effective for schizophrenics than hospitalization and drugs

This paper in PSYCHOSIS "reviews the only five studies of what happens when people diagnosed ‘schizophrenic’ are given psycho-social support instead of anti-psychotic drugs in the first few weeks of treatment. All five found better long-term outcomes than the traditional approach of hospitalization and medication. more »

CCHR: Healthcare bill filled with psycho/pharma agendas

It's nice to know at least someone has read the 2,000 page healthcare bill that just passed the House of Representatives. CCHR summarizes the pro-psychiatric/pharmaceutical portions of the bill here, and it has only gotten worse since the initial versions of this bill. Amerikans Pelosi and Reid have managed to slip in the Mothers Act, which we wrote about in a prior issue Summary of bill »

Do we love our spouses?

Most of us think we do, but how do we measure up to the Bible's definition of "love?" The article "Assessing Love in Marriage" by Jeremy Lelek, President of ABC, helps us gauge our current condition and areas needing improvement.  more »


This reader asks,
"How can I help my Christian friends get off of psychiatric drugs?" See our answer here.


This Christmas season, do you want to convince family or friends to avoid psychology and psychiatry? These readers will encourage you to speak up, because those around you are at great risk physically, mentally and spiritually.

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Notable Quotes

"In his book, Valenstein clearly and systematically dismantles the chemical imbalance theory:

    * Reducing levels of norepinephrine, serotonin and dopamine does not actually produce depression in humans, even though it appeared to do so in animals.

    * The theory cannot explain why there are drugs that alleviate depression despite the fact that they have little or no effect on either serotonin or norepinephrine.

    * Drugs that raise serotonin and norepinephrine levels, such as amphetamine and cocaine, do not alleviate depression.

    * No one has explained why it takes a relatively long time before antidepressant drugs produce any elevation of mood. Antidepressants produce their maximum elevation of serotonin and norepinephrine in only a day or two, but it often takes several weeks before any improvement in mood occurs.

    * Although some depressed patients have low levels of serotonin and norepinephrine, the majority do not. Estimates vary, but a reasonable average from several studies indicates that only about 25 percent of depressed patients actually have low levels of these metabolites.

    * Some depressed patients actually have abnormally high levels of serotonin and norepinephrine, and some patients with no history of depression at all have low levels of these amines.

    * Although there have been claims that depression may be caused by excessive levels of monoamine oxydase (the enzyme that breaks down serotonin and norepinephrine), this is only true in some depressed patients and not in others.

    * Antidepressants produce a number of different effects other than increasing norepinephrine and serotonin activity that have not been accounted for when considering their activity on depression."

--Chris Kresser, "The Chemical Imbalance Myth" Nov 10, 2009 posting on his blog here.


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