The Situation

Did You Know...

  1. Mental disorders are NOT medical/physical conditions like cancer or diabetes? Every mental disorder is merely a list of observable behaviors given a label and voted into existence by the APA Board.

  2. No one can objectively prove you have a mental disorder? Even the APA President admits that no lab test exists to prove the existence of depression, ADHD, bipolar, and every other mental disorder--no brain scan, no blood test, nothing.

  3. There is no reason to take a pill for a mental disorder, like you would for true medical/physical conditions? The chemical-imbalance-in-the-brain theory has never been proven to cause mental disorders, despite popular belief and drug company marketing.

  4. Psychiatric drugs CAUSE chemical imbalances in the brain by disrupting normal brain chemicals? Long-term use can cause permanent brain and organ damage.

  5. The FDA now admits antidepressants and ADHD drugs can CAUSE violent and suicidal behavior in children and adults? It is well-documented that most school shooters and baby killers over the last two decades were on psychiatric drugs.

  6. Mental health screening, labeling and drugging of children is in almost every state in America? School screening programs like TeenScreen label normal children with mental disorders, leading to dangerous psychiatric drugging.

  7. Over time, more people improve without psychotherapy than with it?

  8. Every major psychological theory is anti-Christian at its core?

Why America Needs Psychology Debunked

  1. Millions are desperately searching for answers from psychology and psychiatry fields that have delivered nothing more than empty promises, high insurance bills and nasty side effects.

  2. Thanks to the massive psychology/psychiatry/pharmaceutical industries, what were once normal childhood behaviors are now mental disorders like ADHD. What were once the normal feelings, sufferings and challenges of life, are now diseases like depression, anxiety and bipolar.

  3. Criminals with disorder pleas receive psychological treatment sentences instead of jail time. Our justice system increasingly rewards blame shifting and shuns personal responsibility, thanks in large part to psychological evaluations.

  4. Teachers and parents dispense dangerous psychiatric drugs to misbehaving children instead of giving them discipline, training and love.

  5. Help-seekers can get permanent brain damage from psychiatric medications recommended by their doctors, who are either duped or funded by drug companies. Most help-seekers have no idea what psychiatric drugs could potentially do to them.

  6. We will see more school shootings and baby killings if schools and doctors' offices don't stop pushing psychiatric drugs in the name of mental help and suicide prevention.

  7. Families suffer from the psychological teachings of self-love, blame shifting and calling sinful behavior an uncontrollable disorder, disease or illness.

  8. Churches shelve God, the Bible and prayer for psychologists, support/recovery groups and treatment programs, ignorant of the mental, physical and spiritual harm psychology and psychiatry bring.

  9. Disorders, addictions, treatment and recovery have replaced sin, repentance, forgiveness and obedience, short-circuiting psychologized Christians from the overcoming power God has for them.

  10. Psychologized Christians believe that the Bible and the Holy Spirit do not give them enough tools to live effectively, so they turn to psychology, claiming "all truth is God's truth," when in reality, psychology is not a science of truth but a philosophy/religion that directly contradicts the Christian faith and contains no spiritual truth!

Former industry insider Lisa Bazler says now is the time for the truth to be told!


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